Short stories

The haunted house

Past tense(Անցյալ ժամանակաձև): V+ed(գործողությունը –ed վերջավորությամբ)-Regular verbs (կանոնավոր բայեր)-walked, shouted, looked, opened

Irregular verbs(անկանոն բայեր, որոնք կանոնի չեն ենթարկվում, պետք է սովորել)









We walked through the forest on a dark, dark night. The thunder went BANG! Bob had a fright!
Bob ran through the trees as fast as he could, into a house at the edge of the wood.
We ran after Bob and into the hall. We shouted his name but heard nothing at all.
We looked in the kitchen and there was a snake, showing its fangs. What a noise we did
We looked in the bathroom. Do you know what we saw? Eight long legs in the bath, we
were glad there weren’t more!
We looked in the study and saw a hard shell. What was inside it? A turtle! Well, well!
We looked in the lab and there was a cat and there on the table a horrible rat.
‘Shut up!’
We looked here for hours and then we went home. We opened the door. There was Bob
with a bone



have a fright-

run through-

the edge-


Match the word to the picture.

rat, cat, bone, fang, turtle, forest, bathroom, snake, hall, kitchen, house, tree.

Short stories

Lazy Houry(Անբան Հուռին)

…A fatty woman from a neighboring village… Don’t you remember her? She has got a daughter named Houry.

I have got a daughter, a modest, charming girl. She is working all day long. She cooks and bakes and sews. In short, she is as good as gold.

Keep on praising, don’t we know who she is? Just eats and sleeps all day long. How will you marry her off?

The one marries her, will not be sorry.

Poor man, who marries her. She is a total disaster.

So she marries a young man, who believes she is good at house work. But she has no wish to do anything.

One day her husband goes to work and gives cotton to comb and spin.

Now, my sweet Houry, I am off to work.

Now Houry has cotton in front of her, but doesn’t know what to do.

-What can I do? I will throw it under the black rock.

She throws the cotton  into the water and says to the frogs:

Now, comb and spin. I will come in few days, we will sell it and get rich.

In few days she goes for the cotton. She can’t find the cotton anywhere. Suddenly she finds gold in the water. She takes the gold and goes home. Her husband gathers everybody to show how happy he is.  Houry’s mother knows what’s the matter and starts to talk to a fly:

Welcome, welcome my dear aunt! My son-in-low will not judge me for your poor look.

Are you ok? Why are you calling this fly an aunt?

Oh, my son, this is my aunt. She used to work all day long. Now she is a fly.

She begins to cry.

Oh, don’t cry, I will not let my Houry work. As long as I live, she will not do anything. She will live like a queen.

Short stories

The Turnip(Պապն ու շաղգամը)

One day a grandfather plants a turnip.

The turnip grows bigger and bigger.

Grandfather wants to pull it out:

Grandfather: 1,2,’s too big: grandmother, grandmother, come, help me please!

Grandmother: ok, grandfather, I am coming.

1,2,3… it’s too big: granddaughter, granddaughter, come, help me please!

Granddaughter: ok, grandmother, I am coming.

1,2,3…it’s too big: dog, dog, come, help me please.

Dog: Ok, granddaughter, I am coming.

1,2,3…it’s too big: Cat, cat, come, help me please!

Cat: Ok, dog, I am coming.

1,2,3…it’s too big: mouse, mouse, come, help me please!

Ok, cat, I am coming.

1,2,3… Oh, what a big turnip!

Short stories

Twins’ week

Kim and Ken are twins and they live at the zoo. Their
father is the zookeeper. He has so many things to
On Mondays they take a shower, the hippos join the
fun. Then watch TV with the fish, the week has just begun.
On Tuesdays they eat breakfast with the pandas and the frogs. And eat
dinner in the evening with chimps and cats and dogs.
On Wednesdays they clean their teeth, the crocodile helps them brush.
Then at night they ride their bikes, the rhino gives a push.
On Thursdays they play football, with parrots in the park. Then take a swim
in the pool, the one without the shark!
On Fridays they do their homework, the octopus helps too. Then play some
games with their friends and run around the zoo.
On Saturdays they go shopping, with the kangaroos. Then come home on a
big, red bus and have a little snooze.
On Sundays they are very tired and sleep until it’s lunch. Then take a walk
around the zoo and see the friendly bunch.
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Short stories

Goldilocks and the three bears

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Goldilocks. She
had golden hair.
One day Goldilocks was walking in the forest. She saw a house and
knocked on the door. She went inside. Nobody was there.
Goldilocks saw three bowls on the table. She was hungry.
‘This porridge is too hot! This porridge is too cold! This porridge is just right!’ Goldilocks ate all the
Goldilocks was tired now. ‘This chair is too big! This chair is too big, too! This chair is just right!’ But the
chair broke!
Goldilocks was very tired. She went upstairs. ‘This bed is too hard! This bed is too soft! This bed is just
Soon, the bears came home.

Goldilocks woke up and saw the three bears. ‘Help!’ She ran downstairs and into the forest. She never
came back again.