9th Graders

Class Work-11.05.2015-15.05.2015


Write a composition “The most important thing for me”

Extra Task-11.05.2015-15.05.2015


Write some wishes for graduates

Class Work-27.04.2015-30.04.2015

Reading-On the Internet-It’s Girl time

Vocabulary-Information technology and computers

Dialogue-Don’t judge a book….

Extra Task-27.04.2015-30.04.2015

Express your ideas on the topic given(On the Internet-It’s Girl time)

Make up sentences with the words given(Information technology and computers)

Choose one of the items from the discussion box and write a composition.(unit 12, pg 93)

Class Work-20.04.2015-22.04.2015

Topic-All over the place

Writing-Unit 12

Check your progress (p. 67)

Extra Task-20.04.2015-22.04.2015

Everyday English-p. 65

Class Work-13.04.2015-18.04.2015

Topic-Q & A today: The Internet

On the Internet-It’s GIRL TIME!

Grammar-If I had….(Second Conditional)

  • if + past simple, …would + infinitive
  • It has two uses.First, we can use it to talk about things in the future that are probably not going to be true. Maybe I’m imagining some dream for example.
    • If I won the lottery, I would buy a big house.(I probably won’t win the lottery)
    • If I met the Queen of England, I would say hello.
    • She would travel all over the world if she were rich.
    • She would pass the exam if she ever studied.(She never studies, so this won’t happen)

    Second, we can use it to talk about something in the present which is impossible, because it’s not true. Is that clear? Have a look at the examples:

    • If I had his number, I would call him. (I don’t have his number now, so it’s impossible for me to call him).
    • If I were you, I wouldn’t go out with that man.

Activities-exercise 1exercise 2exercise 3exercise 4exercise 5exercise 6

Extra Task-13.04.2015-18.04.2015

What role does the internet play in my life?

Write down a composition on the title “If I could change the world …..”.



Project for a week:

p. 122, Green Technology

Lesson one-information about inventions

Lesson two-List of reasons why the inventions are so important.

Lesson three-presentations on the green technologies. (Each group presents one invention)

Class Work-30.03.2015-3.04.2015

Our Brain-Use it or lose it

Spring Holidays-20.03.2015-27.03.2015

Translate the legend, make a film with pictures and with your voice.

Class Work-9.03.2015-13.03.2015

Role playing– Acting out the dialogue Talent? Me?

Watching and discussing the episode about making a good presentation

Online activities-Revision

Tests for the final exam

Class work-23.02.2015-27.02.2015

Topic-Talent? Me?

Discussions, Presentations

What makes a good presentation?

Activities expressing Perfect Simple

 Extra Task-23.02.2015-27.02.2015

Write down about your best presentation you have made.

The most interesting holiday I have had. Make a presentation or just write a composition.

Class Work-16.02.2015-20.02.2015

Determiners(everyone, someone, no one, etc.)

Must/mustn’t/don’t have to.

Extra Task-16.02.2015-20.02.2015


Class Work-09.02.2015-13.02.20145

Check your progress-Revision of Past passive, Articles, will/be going to.(slide 17)

Determiners(everyone, someone, no one, etc.)

Topic-Memory: Your brain is like a muscle-use it or lose it

Discussion of the tetopic.

Vocadulary-human brain, muscle, light, total, oxygen, improve, tips, conversation, remind of, immediately, break down.

Extar Task-09.02.2015-13.09.2015

Imagine you have to remember 10 words. Write a story using those 10 words you have to remember.


Explain the following words to the members of your group with definitions or keywords.

night, a present, holidays, a cinema, a camp, an airport.

Finish the story- “A story with  a sad end”

Group work- the group, whose variant is closer to the original, is the winner.

Extra task– write down about your summer holidays.


September 2(02.09.2014)

Topic- my friends and relatives

Translate the following Quotes 

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

A friend to all is a friend to none.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Relatives – practicing the Possessive case
My father is my mother’s husband.
My aunt is my mother’s sister.
Do the same with the words given…..
sister, mother, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother.
  Extra task- write down a composition on one of the topics given – “My best friend”, “A real friendship”,
Or choose one of the quotes we have mentioned above, make it a title and write down a composition.
Text-english in mind, student’s book 2, What did they invent?
Read the text answer the following questions
1. What happened when Thomas put a piece of rubber in his mouth?
2.What did James Henry Atkinson do with his ideas?
3. Who bought Josephine Cochran’s invention First?
4. Why did the Duthchman get impatient.
Extra task-Find out any information about an interesting invention, based on a failure,write down in your google copybooks, share it with me. Then you should put it in your blogs.
Write a composition using the following words.
Invention, prize, result, success, whenever, bicycle, pollute, nature, save, together.Use Past ContinuousBring your own examples with past Continuous, when and while.


Positive Negative Question
I / he / she / it I was speaking. I was not speaking. Was I speaking?
you / we / they You were speaking. You were not speaking. Were you speaking?

 Extra task- The International Literacy day (the 8th of September)

Translate the Quotes below the title “Quotes About Literacy”, share with me, then put it in your blogs. 


Extra Tasks– 16.09.2014-20.09.2014

1.write down a composition, or make a presentation on one of the topics “Sport”, “Olympic games”, “The world Champion”.

2.Find from the Internet any interesting information about green technology.

  • Translate the whole article
  • Make a presentation or a film
  • Present in the classroom orally

3.Make a presentation on one of the titles: “My environment”, “Pollution”, “Save the world”, “Let’s protect our environment”.

Reading- Australia almost the champions

  • Learn all the unknown words
  • Give a brief information about the text
  • Vocabulary check-points 6(a,b), pg. 20

GrammarDescribe a situation or bring your eg-es with comparative adverbs – 1 2


Listening – Listen to the story “A Marathon”, Someone is taking part in a sport event

Speaking- Answer the questions

Who is it?

What is the event?

Why is Joel laughing in the picture 2?


Progress Check

Extra tasks – 22.09.2014-27.09.2014

1. Write a composition using the following words- traffic jams, pollution, exhaust fumes, atmosphere, global warming, dramatic climate changes, disapper, rise, environment, steps.

2. http://www.manythings.org/voa/stories/The_Ransom_of_Red_Chief_-_By_O._Henry.html

III. Answer the following questions

  1. Why did Sam and Bill decide to kidnap the boy?
  2. Whose son was the boy?
  3. How did he look like?
  4. How did they kidnap the boy?
  5. Did he enjoy his place?
  6. How much money did they demand?
  7. What did old Dorset answer?
  8. Did they like Mr. Dorset’s offer?
  9. What did the boy do, when he learned they were going to leave him at home

Retell the text, write a short summary.

Class work

Topic -Bycicle revolution, English in mind, studen’s book 2, pg 26

Reading -read the text, write out all the unknown words

Grammar practicing- pg.28
Extra tasks – 29.09.2014-3.10.2014 
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;
 Learn by heart this part of the poem “If” by Budyard  Kipling
2. Write a short composition on the title “If  …….”
Class Work
Listen to the video, try to note down whatever you hear, then check.
Grammar- If Clause, pg. 29
Activities on “If Clause ”  1 2 3
Class work – 8.10.2014
Do the quiz- pg.32, ex 1, point a.
Vocabulary- British vs North American English
Reading- Should Vancouver have free wireless internet?
Answer the questions
  1. Do you have feree wireless internet in your city?
  2. Is it free?
  3. Does the government pay much money for it?
  4. Is it of such importance?
  5. Do you have wi-fi connection in the bus stops, in the bus orjust in the street?
  6. Are you addicted to an internet?
  7. Can you do without it?

Extra Tasks –  7.10.2014- 17.10.2014

Find out an information about England and America

Description- Write about their cultures and traditions, habits, food, population,big and small cities, etc.

 Present in the classroom orally.

“Culture views”- Write a short composition on this topic

Description- Take two cultures, write down about their food, greeting, symbols and signs, etc. Compare and contrast them. Write which culture you liked more.


Autumn reading 21.10.2014-24.10.2014


Read the story, understand,

Write a short summary of the story and learn it.

Make up questions about it.


Class Work- 27.10.2014-31.10.2014

Reading– New Girl- English in Mind, studen’s book 2 pg. 36

Read the dialogue then act it out.

Writing– Activity 11 a and b, page 37

Extra Task1st day– Imagine you have a new girl or a boy in your classroom, you see she has fallen asleep during the lesson. Write down how you would react, what you would think.

Would you try to find out some reasons?

Would you laugh at him/her?

Go deeper on this topic. Don’t write yes or no.


Class Work-3.11.2014-7.11.2014

Writing- Activitiy 12 point b, pg.23, activity 14 pg. 24

Reading–  pg. 24, activity 13. point a.


Check your progress – pg.25

Reading- Growing up

Read the text, write out and learn all the unknown words.

Write a short summary and learn it to retell.

Grammar- Present Passive

Active Nancy makes tea
subject verb object
Passive Tea is made (by Nancy)
object becoming subject verb subject becoming object or is dropped


The Active Voice The Passive Voice
Most countries in Latin America speak Spanish.
Spanish is spoken in most countries in latin America.



Extra Tasks– 3.11.2014-7.11.2014

Describe a school or a sport event you enjoyed greatly. (In your google copy-books)

Describe a ceremony, make a presentation or just write a composition.(in your google copy-books)


Class Work- 10.11.2014-14.11.2014
 Activities1 2 3
Writing-pg, 41, activities 2 d, e, f
Vocabulary- describing a person’s age
a young adult, a child, a teenager, a baby, a toddler, a pansioner.
Activity 4b, pg. 42
Extra Task-10.11.2014-14.11.2014
Choose a character or one of the members of your family and describe them.
Read the story and write out all the passive constructions.
Write down a short summary of the story and learn to retell.
Translate the following film- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp2TOb1II50&list=UUOlmmjEUCQ5RyVuW7R_M79A
And make your own film about Mekhitar of Sebastia.
Class work-17.11.2014-21.11.2014
Reading– The power of humour(pg. 46)
Read the text, learn all the unknown words.
Vocabulary– saying, medicine, blood circulation, immune system, stressed about, make a fool of sth, exhibition,
GrammarPresent Perfect
Activities1 2 3 4 5
Activities– pg.47
Reading-Are you fun to be with?
Read the text (English in mind pg.48), choose the variant which best matches you, then count your points and find out your type.
Extra Task-17.11.2014-21.11.2014
Describe a party, tell what you would do to make your friends have lots of fun.
Read the story by O’Henry, write all the sentences in the Present Perfect Tense.
Write a short summary and learn to retell.
Class work-24.11.2014-28.11.2014
Reading– Very funny (pg. 50)
Vocabulary– remind, a road sign, reply, school ahead, reason, guess, join in.

 Extra task-24.11.2014-28.11.2014

Listen to the song by Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry be happy”. Now complete the missing words(pg. 49)

Learn the dialoge and get ready to role play in the classroom. (pg. 50)-(25.11.2014)

An audio translation


Class work-1.12.2014-5.12.2014

Listening– Team spirit, episode 3(the episode is about a big misunderstanding.)

Vocabulary– revision for the exams, work non-stop, cool idea, to text about it, embarrassing, happy ending.

Writing-Use these words to make a composition.

Check your progress.


Extra task-1.12.2014-5.12.2014

Choose one of the topics from the discussion box(pg. 51), and write down a composition.

 Last but not least: more speaking– a

nswer the questions in written form, get ready to discuss in the classroom.

Class Work-8.12.2014-12.12.2014

Topic– Disaster

Different types of disasters

1.a nuclear bomb, 2.a volcano, 3.a tsunami, 4.an earthquake, 5.a flood, 6.a hurricane

If I witnessed a disaster

Extra Task-8.12.2014-12.12.2014

Take a type of a disaster, find an informaton, understand whatever you have found and make a presentation. Get ready to present orally.

An audio translation

Translate– the deadline is 10.12.2014

Class Work-15.12.2014-19.12.2014

Reading– Tuvalu-a disaster waiting to happen

Vpocabulary-uninhabitable, tiny, rough, frequent, threaten, source of food, level of salt, greenhouse gases, take in.

Grammar -Articles, a/the/zero article

Writing– Activities 6c, 7a(pg 57), 8c(pg. 58)

Make a composition using the following words:

pleasure, to think, travel, different, to hear, good, way, things, idea, nearly.

 Christmas project-Christmas stories

An audio translation

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


ProjectI can12.01.2015-16.01.2015

1.I can write compositions in English

2.I can read English texts

3.I can listen and understand

4.I can make presentations

5.I can make films

6.I can do translations



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