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Aesop’s Fable:

The bear and the two travelers

Two friends were traveling together when they met a bear on their path. One of them climbed up quickly into a tree. He did not help his friend climb up, so the other man lay on the ground and pretended to be dead.

The bear came up to him and smelled him all over. Then the bear said something in the traveler’s ear. The bear didn’t think that the traveler would taste good, so he went away.

When the bear had gone, the other traveler came down from the tree.

“I saw the bear say something in your ear”, he said. ‘what did it say?” “It told me”, the man said, “never to travel with someone who runs away when there is danger.”


One of them climbed — quickly into a tree.

so the other man— on the ground and pretended to be dead.

The bear came up to him and ——- him all over.

The bear didn’t think that the——– would taste good, , so he went away.

When the bear had gone, the other traveler—- —- from the tree.

Quiz Vocabulary

smell, travel, lie, come down, up


Travel abroad


I just came back from JeJu island and, wow, is that place amazing or what!

But, can I ask you  a quick question on why more Korean people tend to travel overseas, when they can simply fly ti JeJu-island or anywhere within Korea to enjoy a nice vacation?

I think it’s because most of them want to experiencxe cultural and atmospheric differences outside of Korea. I personally prefer to travel abroad, but not like places that are far away from Korea. I like traveling to neighbouring countries, like China , Thailand, Japan or Hong Kong.

Even in Japan, you will experience a huge difference in culture compared to Korea. Since, it doesn’t cost too much, I go to those Asian countries twice a year, during the summer and winter. Let’s hear what you have on your mind.

I love traveling. In fact, I don’t mind traveling nationally or internationally, as long as I can afford it. Well, in fact, aftre traveling to some European countries, I would say that traveling in Europe is the best, again if I can afford it.

Europe? How nice! I’ve never been to Europe before. I just saw the beautiful pictures of european countries like France, Italy and Spain. I see a lot of Koreans also go to Europe for their vacation. Ok! I’m going to take a trip to Europe this year after I have earned some money in a part-time job.




Are you into skiing? Isa winter your favourite time of year? If you like snow and ice, maybe you should stay at the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada. But you can only check in to this hotel during the winter. Why? Because this hotel is made entirely of ice and snow. This amazing hotel is built every December. It has 32 rooms and 80people can stay there each night. The hotel has a movie theatre, an art gallery and a church. of course, all of these parts are made of ice. In fact, all the furniture, art, lights, and even plates and drinking glasses are made of ice.

Because this hotel is so unusual, it has become very popular. People from all over the world come to the Ice Hotel to look at the fantastic ice art, drink and eat from designer ice dishes, and experience the unique atmosphere.

Some couples have even got married in the hotel’s ice church. However, all the guests keep their winter coats on!

Because of all the ice, the temperature inside the hotel is always between -2 and -5 degrees Celsius. Suprisingly, sleeping is not a problem in the freezing cold hotel rooms. Every guest gests a special cold weather sleeping bag and some fur blankets. These keep them cozy and warm until morning.


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